Gas Rates

One Time Charges

Meter Charges

There is no charge for gas meters or regulators.

Tap in Charges

No tap in fees for gas services.

Service Line Installation Charges

There is a time and material charge for installing a service from gas main to building, depending on service size and distance. Please call the office for a written estimate. Gas services will be installed by the Batesville Gas Utility or its contractors.

Monthly  Charges and Rates

Minimum Monthly Charge


CCF MCF Base $ Tracker Firm Interruptible Transportation
10 1 $8.15 Varies Monthly Varies Monthly $1.4800
20 2 $6.78 Varies Monthly Varies Monthly $250.00
1000 100 $5.91 Varies Monthly Varies Monthly
>1000 >100 $5.23

These rates do not include tax and do not include main extension rates for mains installed by the utility.