About Batesville

Batesville is in the heart of southeastern Indiana, within a short drive of numerous metropolitan areas. Located on I-74, it is on the direct path between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Batesville is located on the border of Ripley and Franklin counties, an area rich in scenic beauty and Hoosier hospitality. Batesville itself combines the prosperity of economic growth through industry with small-town charm. Founded in 1852, and snuggled in the hills of Southeastern Indiana, it has grown to a community of 7,200 friendly, family-oriented, and forward-thinking citizens.

Batesville’s early beginnings are tied to a young man’s dream of owning and working a piece of farmland in southeastern Indiana. Teunis Amack purchased 120 acres of government land in Ripley County’s Laughery Township in 1837 and built his home out of the area’s hardwood logs and dug a well.

In 1852, Amack sold his homestead to the John Callahan Trust Company to build a railroad right-of-way and establish a town. It was then that the city was laid out into 45 lots, creating the original downtown. The railroad ran through the center of the town, making use of Amack’s well to power the locomotives. Joshua Bates, a member of the Callahan Trust Company, was the first to build his home on lot number one. It is from Joshua Bates, that Batesville is said to have received its name.

Between 1867 and 1892, Batesville was home to nine furniture, coffin, and novelty factories making use of the extensive amount of hardwood timber in the area. These hardwood forests would prove to be the area’s wealth. As the trees were used and the forests cleared, farming became an important occupation for the area and remains so today. It was this time before the turn of the century, when Batesville stood as a thriving commercial center. Electric streetlights were installed downtown, making Batesville the first city west of Cincinnati to have electric streetlights.

Batesville prides itself on community involvement and the commitment in making the quality of life nothing but the best. While maintaining rural charm, Batesville is fortunate to provide the community with a variety of amenities. Some of these advantages include exceptional public and private school systems, business & industry based companies, top-notch park facilities and world-class healthcare that far surpass what one would expect from a rural community. You are invited to visit and experience world-class charm right in our small city.