Road/Parking Lot Closure Request Form

Consideration for usage of a City street or parking lot should be presented 60 days prior to the requested event date, by either completing the form below or visiting the Mayor’s office to complete the form.
Once received, the request is placed on the Board of Works agenda for review during their meeting held on the 2nd Monday, monthly at the Memorial Building.
All events, from 5k’s & parade’s to festivals, must upload a copy of the event’s Site Safety Plan and Certificate of Liability (naming the City of Batesville as an additional insured). Final decisions will be forwarded to the contact name listed on the application.

In the event you have issues the day of the event, contact the Batesville Police Department at 812-934-3131 and they will notify the appropriate party to assist you.

    Event Details

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    Organization (if applicable)

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    Please check off that you have done the following:

    Form may not be submitted unless all items are completed.

    Submitted route(s)
    Notified property owners of affected street(s) closure

    Additional Information

    Please select the following, if needed:

    xRequest ConesRequest FencingRequest BarricadesRequest Police Traffic Assistance

    Additional Requests

    Is the event a FESTIVAL? Include the following with this request:

    Certificate of Liability

    Upload a copy of your Certificate of Liability (only applies to usage of parking lots.)

    Site Safety Plan

    Groups that are holding Festivals/Events of Assembly must submit a Site Safety Plan to the Batesville Fire Chief.

    Check here to submit Site Safety Plan

    Event Coordinator

    Name (required)

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    Secondary Event Coordinator

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    Equipment to be used (required)

    List items used to close/block off parking lot/road

    Life Safety Strategy

    See Chapter 4 of the Indiana Fire Code, Section 404.3.2, #4


    If Site Safety Plan is approved, complete the Indiana Department of Homeland Security special endorsement permit. (

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