Training Division

Fire & EMS Department | City of Batesville, Indiana

Training Officer

Christopher Decker

What We Do

The Training Division plans and directs all of the Fire training efforts of the department, including needs assessment, curriculum development, training schedules, and records management.

The Training Division coordinates its activities with the EMS Division to provide continuing education classes as required by the State of Indiana. Firefighters receive continual training on fire suppression, auto extrication, hazardous materials, and emergency medical care, technical rescue, and mass causality incidents throughout any given year. Each firefighter has a minimum hour requirement for training each month. Each Batesville Firefighter shall complete a MINIMUM of 16-hours of training each month.

The Training Officer is responsible for orchestrating department wide or joint department trainings, managing training-related documents, reports, and records necessary for maintaining required certifications for the department’s personnel. The training officer regularly monitors the activities of the Indiana Public Safety Training Institute to stay up to date on mandatory changes in training or certification requirements.

The Training Division is also responsible for the onboarding of all new probationary firefighters. New probationary firefighters will be put through a multiple week training program where they will learn departmental SOP/SOGs, firefighting, hazardous materials, and EMS. This training is led by multiple Batesville Fire Instructors. Once they complete the onboarding training program they will be assigned to A, B, or C shift, and continue to learn and be evaluated until the end of their probationary year.


Asst. Chief Brian Hardebeck
Firefighter Spencer Broughton
Firefighter Donnovan Imel
Firefighter Samuel Carr