March 21, 2024

Batesville Water Utility Water Main Flushing Scheduled

Media Release
Batesville Water Utility
Annual Water main Flushing
March 27 & March 28

The Batesville Water Utility wishes to notify its customers that
the Utility will be flushing the water mains on Wednesday, March 27, and
Thursday, March 28. This flushing can significantly
lower the water pressure in the immediate area. The flushing is
done to remove sediment from the mains and improve the water
quality, which is the Utilities’ primary concern. During the
Flushing the sediment in the pipes breaks loose from the walls of
the water pipe and can cause a dark color in the water. This
sediment can contain iron and manganese and can stain clothing
during washing and makes the water unsightly to drink. The most
noticeable problem most customers will experience will be the
fluctuations in their water pressure.
Questions concerning the flushing or problems experienced during
this work should be directed to: During business hours, Eric
Laker, Batesville Water Utility, Phone 812-934-3811, Before
business hours, call 812-934-3131.

The flushing schedule will be:
Wednesday, Beginning at 5:00 A.M.
Tekulve Avenue & East Pearl St. East of Eastern Avenue;
Township Line Rd.; Lammers Pike; including all areas on the
North side of State Road 46 not already listed. All of
Mitchell Avenue, from Mitchell Ave. West on Columbus
Avenue, and all of Huntersville Rd. North of Columbus Ave.
All of Columbus Avenue west of Mulberry, including; Locust
Ave.; E.G.S. Blvd., Lakeshore Dr., Valley Drive and Court.
All of Hillendale; Hwy 129; Coonhunters Rd. and CR 1400 to
Crossroads, including all of State Road 229 south of
Batesville, and all of Delaware Rd.

Thursday, Beginning at 6:00 A.M.
All areas of the Batesville Water system not flushed on