Leaf and Limb Collection


Loose leaves may be raked as close to the edge of the street as possible without placing leaves in the street. Be sure that leaves are free of any other debris and cars are not blocking the path of the leaf machine. All loose leaves are picked up on street side only. No loose leaves are picked up in alleys.

Street crews will make a continuous circuit with leaf vacuums of the City mid-October – early December (weather permitting).  On the average, it takes between two to four weeks to make a complete circuit of the City.

Please note that these services are only provided to residents within the City of Batesville.  Collection schedules will only be interrupted in the event of severe weather.


Rumpke provides the service for pick-up of brush and/or limbs.  Items must be bundled, and cannot exceed four (4) feet in length and two (2) feet in diameter.  Branches cannot be thicker than four (4) inches around.  Bundles cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.  Brush or limbs should not be placed in plastic bags.